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Tyler Faraz Niknam (born December 20, 1990), better known as Trainwreckstv, or Trainwreck, is an American Twitch streamer. He has hosted the Scuffed Podcast on his Twitch channel since 2019. During the 2020 United States Presidential Election, Niknam was the second most watched Twitch streamer, with 607,000 hours watched on election night (18.2 percent of total hours watched across Twitch). Hasan Piker and Mizkif, two other streamers, were placed first and third, respectively. Niknam relocated to Canada in June 2021 to continue his online gambling streams and to avoid US bitcoin tax rules. Streamers gambling on Twitch have received a lot of attention due to the possible negative influence they may have on underage viewers. Trainwreckstv chose to disregard the attacks and continue to bet throughout 2021 and 2022.