Why isn't Rostein streaming anymore?
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Why isn't Rostein streaming anymore?

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Gambling sites that are not licensed in the US or other countries that provide adequate consumer protection will not be allowed on the platform. Some of the sites include Stake.com, Rollbit.com, Duelbits.com, and Roobet.com. The restrictions on gambling-related content were put in place in August 2021.

On October 18, 2022, the rules for streaming gambling were amended.

On October 18, 2022, we will amend the rules to prohibit streaming gambling sites, including slots, roulette or craps, that are not licensed in the United States or other jurisdiction that provide adequate consumer protection. Some of the sites include Stake.com, Rollbit.com, Duelbits.com, and Roobet.com. We allow streaming sports betting, fantasy sports and poker sites.

The topic of gambling has always been controversial for Amazon's streaming platform, which is focused primarily on computer games. After a high-profile scandal in the community, Twitch took drastic action against gambling, but for a long time they didn't.

The restrictions on gambling-related content were put in place in August 2021. The ban did not affect the placement of links to casinos under the streams. The most popular casino streamer on the platform was banned for a few hours, but he was quickly able to restore access to broadcasts.

It was the latest ban that caught some of the biggest players in the online gambling industry off guard, and seeing broadcasts at certain casinos with their favorite streamers on Twitch is not likely to happen anymore.

The Slots category was until recently in the top 10 for viewers and was a significant source of traffic for the platform along with games such as Dota 2. Despite criticism from the public and the streamers themselves, Twitch banned gambling streamers after many years of tolerance.

On September 18, 2022, streamer Lacari revealed that a former Team Liquid member under the nickname ItsSliker had borrowed $1,000 from him about a year ago. Not getting the money back, Lacari reminded his colleague about the debt. He supposedly confirmed the refund by sending a screenshot. Lacari decided to take the ItsSliker proceedings to the public because he realized that he was being cheated.

It was discovered that Lacari was not the only creditor of ItsSliker. Other streamers said that he had approached them and asked for money because of a bank account freeze. Many of them lent four- and five-figure sums to ItsSliker, despite the fact that he was a huge figure in the gaming community. ItsSliker had a total debt of between $200,000 and $300,000. He tried to borrow money until the moment of his exposure, according to the streamers.

ItsSliker had no choice but to admit it

I was losing a lot of my money. Everything I was doing on the platform. I used to go to streamers and ask them to lend me money. I didn't tell them the reason because gambling was the reason. I was telling the truth to them. I thought I would pay them off in those moments. I don't intend to cheat and I will pay everyone I owe.

The issue of the appropriateness of gambling on the platform was once again raised by streamers after ItsSliker's revelation. A group of people called for a boycott of the website. The above announcement about the new restrictions was published a few days later by the company.

ItsSliker, who broke the camel's back with his actions, was not involved in the aforementioned games. He admitted that he first got acquainted with gambling through the game, after which he switched to betting. Another category of streamers, whose honesty has also been questioned, is directly affected by the decision of twitch. Gambling streamers claim to play with their own money, but in reality they are funded by casinos.

There is no doubt that the most striking figure in this regard is Rosstein. He is known for his commitment to his own cause, as well as his incredible charisma. For several years, he devoted several hours a day to streaming online casinos, taking only rare breaks, and the value of his bet per spin was equal to what many players dream of winning.

There is a reasonable suspicion that the streamer is gambling with casino money. When Roshstein was promoting N1 Casino, there was a sensational video. He didn't know how the game would turn out when he responded to the viewer's request to run the game in funnies mode. The screen showed the same balance as when playing for real money, instead of a demo balance which is usually a round sum.

Nervous Rosstein trying to explain what happened

The casino said there was a bug in the interface. How often do you come across bugs like this? That isn't even the most important thing. Even for a player with a multi-million-dollar fortune, playing as long and as high as Rothstein is not a good idea. It can't be explained by anything other than a tacit agreement with the casino that the business appeared to be booming.

His credibility isn't helped by other aspects of his behavior, which have been written about in online forums. How would you explain playing in a limited circle of casinos throughout his career and not showing a deposit history?

The terms of a casino partnership with streamers are usually profitable for both parties.

One gets the players, while the other gets a steady paycheck. There are elements of deception in the show that the players watch. In this show, an actor like Rosstein will entertain them with bets of hundreds or thousands of dollars, occasionally winning millions but losing hundreds of times more. This is what happens when you play casino games for a long time, but who keeps track of the fake money?

There are different conditions under which the streamer and casino can be collaborated. It's an honest option to play with your own money in order to get players into an affiliate program. With time, the likelihood of meeting a major streamer working on such terms is diminishing.

Casinos are interested in streamers as a valuable source of traffic and therefore give them favorable terms. The streamer can withdraw real money during a broadcast if the casino offers a bonus instead of making a deposit. It is practiced partial deposit refunds, fixed payment for the streamer with the provision of funds for the game without the possibility of withdrawal, as well as other forms of cooperation.

Obviously, a Streamer of Rostein level can dictate the conditions of the casino and will not work for a bonus with vague prospects of withdrawal. During his career, Rosstein tried out a lot of different options, but decided to stick with Stake Casino because of its emphasis on promotion through streaming. The point of further streaming would be undermined if the terms of their partnership were made public. You would be surprised at how much money we are talking about.

How rich is Roshstein

There is no information about the amount of money that Roshstein has. According to various sources, the figures range from $27 million to $130 million. These are not accurate estimates. Calculating Rosstein's fortune is almost impossible because of the lack of reliable inputs.

The players are invited to believe that the biggest winnings of Rostein to date are $18.7 million, while winnings of a few million for him have become commonplace. It is realistic to catch such multipliers given the activity of Roshstein. If you try to play at the casino as often as he does, you will quickly see that such activity requires a much larger investment. As far as we know, he makes money through online casino streaming, not by taking money elsewhere.

Trainwrecks is an example of what kind of royalties Rothstein might receive. He was named the second highest-paid casino streamer. Trainwrecks claimed that he made three hundred and sixty million dollars in 16 months of gambling. Although Trainwrecks has twice as many subscribers on twitch, a significant portion of its airtime is devoted to computer games and just socializing, while Roshtein holds the lead as the most popular casino streamer. You have the ability to draw your own conclusions.

When is the new Rostein stream?

Rosstein doesn't stream computer games and isn't in the habit of chatting with fans without spinning reels in the background. He had to suspend his activities after they were banned. Slots streaming will be resumed very soon, he left a message on his channel.

When should we be waiting for a new Streaming Rosenstein? There is another clue provided by Trainwrecks. He has talked about his plans to create his own streaming platform since the banning of gambling streams on the platform. It is expected to launch in November or early December, according to the streamer.

Trainwrecks is also a Stake Casino streamer. When Trainwrecks talks about the new platform, he doesn't know how it will work. He originally stated that he didn't know if he would create the platform, as if he hadn't received final confirmation from the actual organizers. The streamer is the face of the platform, while the initiative is owned by the casino. If that is the case, we may see new streamers of popular streamers very soon.

There is skepticism among members of the gambling community about the whole idea. There was an advantage to the fact that a large user base came to watch games and then ended up at the casino. It would be much harder to find new customers if the new platform only had users who already played at the casino. Trainwreckstv is promising to do something revolutionary. We are going to see.

There was a strange video from user Ostonox after ItsSliker confessed. Trainwrecks handed out tens of thousands of dollars in donations to two employees of twitch.

djWHEAT, an early Twitch employee who left the company in January 2022, called the behavior of his former colleagues absolutely shameful and 100% in violation of Amazon's corporate ethics policy.

The most striking example of the topic of gambling being present in modern computer games is the example of CS: GO, because of the fact that the elements of gambling are present in many modern computer games. Streamers want it to be even less. Trainwrecks borrowed $100,000 from ItsSliker during the confession. Trainwrecks said that he had gifted him the money, and promised to help pay back his debts.

None of this could save the streamers from being used as a bargaining chip by the public. In a completely unforeseen and uncontrollable way, the era of Roshtein on Twitch ended, a slot fan and talented showman with a lot of dark spots in his history.

Even though regulated gambling is still allowed, it is impossible to do what Roshstein did. The relationship between a casino and streamer and multi-million dollar cash winnings from obscure sources would soon turn into a Federal Trade Commission investigation for both parties. No regulated gambling site would take such risks if the streamer attracted a lot of players.

It is not likely that any of the smaller offshore casinos will offer terms that would interest Roshstein. This can be seen in the decreasing audience of the Slots section. It is possible that the current restrictions were just an emergency measure and that there is more room for maneuver, up to and including a complete ban on streaming unregulated gambling.

The list of banned sites could be expanded in the future. Whether there is a verification system in place is one of the many factors that we look at when deciding if it is permissible to stream from a particular site. We take into account the streamer's use of a virtual private network in order to circumvent country restrictions.


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