Twitch will prohibit all gambling-related links and referral codes
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Twitch will prohibit all gambling-related links and referral codes

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Twitch, the most popular live streaming network for gamers, posted a Creator Update on Wednesday, announcing that any links and referral codes to roulette, dice games, and slots on their site will be prohibited. On Tuesday, August 17th, the new restrictions will take effect.

Creator update message

Twitch has announced that posting links or other referral codes to sites that offer dice games, slots, or roulette will be prohibited in order to prevent injury and scams by "questionable gambling operators." Twitch will continue to examine its gambling-related material and upgrade its safeguards.

Twitch permits legal gambling in the streamer's area. In a July piece for The Wire, video game writer Cecilia D'Anastasio claimed that some streamers leave the United States to accept gambling sponsorship from companies like, which couldn't legally function in the country(the reason, of course, is simple: money). chose to use a streamer from an unlawful state rather than one from a legal jurisdiction. Some legal experts believe that the streamer and are breaking the law by promoting unlawful gambling. If they are correct, the streamer and are breaking the law.

“You're a Multi-Millionaire” if you accept a casino sponsorship offer.

Twitch's new policy comes after a number of streamers urged for the company to prohibit gambling, expressing worries that it encourages risky behavior. Asmongold, a World of Warcraft streamer, suggested to Twitch in June that these streams be banned.

Adin Ross, Pokimane (Imane Anys), H3H3 (Ethan Klein), xQc (Félix Lengyel), and TrainWrecks are among the famous streamers who have called for a gambling ban on Twitch. From what we know skin betting streams(cs:go cases etc.) is perfectly fine with twitch by essentially it is gambling as well with the only difference it has no age restriction.


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