Top 5 biggest slot jackpots won
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Top 5 biggest slot jackpots won

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The creation of the progressive jackpot on slot machines can be largely credited to some of the biggest wins in gaming history. A number of slot machines can be associated with this jackpot system, and with every spin that yields no wins, a portion of the money from the spin is applied to a pool. Multiple connected devices contribute to a wider pool, and eventually, the payoff will go as high as millions when a winning spin is reached.

5. Anonymous gambler hit the Megabucks jackpot, winning $12,769,933.  

 Aria Resort and Casino

On a Las Vegas slot machine, a woman trying her luck won nearly $12.8 million. The winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, was playing Megabucks slot at the Aria Resort and Casino in the heart of Sin City.

ABC's 13 Action News told the latest multi-millionaire that she was in Vegas celebrating the birthday of her niece, and wanted to play on the gadget after spotting it while returning to her hotel room on the way back.  

She was naturally more than shocked after putting just $6 into the machine when the symbols lined up to signal her big victory. The aunt said that when all the symbols appeared, she initially assumed the computer was broken, until her niece congratulated her.  

4. Johanna Huendl won $22 million in Las Vegas

74 year old Johanna Huendl wanted to try her luck on the reels on her way to an early breakfast in 2002. And her instincts were correct, she ended up winning the $22 million Grand Megabucks jackpot at Bally's Casino. In the entire history of Vegas, it is touted as the 4th largest slot jackpot.

Bally's Casino

This occurred in the Nevada area when Johanna was vacationing. At first, she figured the jackpot was worth $2 million due to her poor eyesight. She found that she had earned a mouth-watering $22,618,156 upon further inspection. She missed breakfast, I bet!

3. The wrong bet 27.5 million dollars win!

When placing our wagers, we have to be vigilant, but a mistake at the right moment could turn out to be very lucrative. This was the case with a former Las Vegas flight attendant who visited the Palace Station and believed she was depositing $100 at a Megabucks, but actually put $300 in!

The woman was rewarded with a jackpot worth a little over $27.5 million before she had the opportunity to rue her error! Now we are getting into top figures, as this is the third biggest jackpot ever won in Las Vegas at present. As for the flight attendant — who knows, maybe she bought her own private jet? She already had $700,000 from a previous win on a Wheel of Fortune slot in her name.

2. Сocktail waitress earned $34.9

Las Vegas Desert Inn Casino

Cynthia, a cocktail waitress, earned $34.9 million in Megabucks slots at the Las Vegas Desert Inn Casino. She couldn't revel much in her winnings, though.  

Cynthia, however, got involved in a very horrific accident only a month and a half later. Her car was hit by a drunk driver while driving with her sister. Though Cynthia was left in a coma, her sister died on the spot and would wake up paralyzed from the chest down. Even though, after the horrific crash, she and her husband managed to find a modicum of happiness, she says that she would gladly give all the money back to get her old life back.

1. Biggest one so far

When the symbols matched for the big winner, Ed Rogich noticed right away. At his office, the vice president of marketing for International Game Technology, which runs the progressive machines, saw the jackpot meter reset — one second it was $39.7 million, and the next $7 million.

Then the calls began to come in from gamblers around the state who saw the same thing happen at Nevada's 691 machines at 160 casinos, he said.

All of them wanted to know: who won? Where was it struck? How long has it been? Is that genuine?

For about an hour, he could not provide firm answers — that's how long it takes for a battalion of officials to check a correct win, from slot technicians to state Gaming Control Board officers, Rogich said.

Just after 1 p.m., the biggest slot machine jackpot in gaming history — $39,713,982.25 — was earned, friday at the Excalibur Hotel-Casino on the Las Vegas Strip, on a Megabucks slot.

Excalibur Hotel-Casino
Excalibur Hotel-Casino

The winner, who demanded anonymity(the funny thing is that the guy was so petrified that he asked the casino authorities to keep him anonymous, because his wife would not tolerate his gambling), is a 25-year-old Los Angeles software engineer. He had been in Las Vegas visiting family members and keeping track of the "March Madness" college basketball with some friends. His uncle told him the jackpot of the Megabucks and suggested he play it. He said he deposited about $100 on the console when, for a moment, he turned his head away from it. The winning symbols were lined up as he stared at the machine again.

Once the agents of IGT and Gaming Control were pleased, only one detail was left: Check the ID. Mr. Los Angeles, they reported, was a legitimate 25-year-old and would get his first of 25 annual $1.5 million checks.

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