The Brains vs. AI Challenge (NLHE Libratus poker bot)

The Brains vs. AI Challenge (NLHE Libratus poker bot)

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Libratus is an artificial intelligence computer program designed to play poker, specifically heads up no-limit Texas hold 'em. If you wondered about heads up LHE, forget it. It's solved by 100 per cent. But there is still a long way to go for NLHE and once again Carnegie Mellon challenges the best heads up pros to take on their artificial intelligence.

  • Game no limit texas holdem HU blinds 50/100
  • 20000 starting stack (each hand starts with 20000 in chips no matter what)

Jason Les, Dong Kyu Kim, Daniel McAulay and Jimmy Chou — kept things reasonably close at the start but their gains were wiped out by an ill-fated change in strategy and forced them to chase the AI for the remaining weeks. At the end of day 20 and after 120,000 players, Libratus claimed victory in theoretical chips with a daily average of $206,061, and an overall pile of $1,766,250. Which makes Libratus 14.71875 bb/100 winner.


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