Strategy for Super Sic Bo with big winnings at the Live Casino
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Strategy for Super Sic Bo with big winnings at the Live Casino

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Online casinos offer two main types of craps games: craps and Sic Bo. Most have heard of the first game, but the second is still a rather unusual pastime. This is due to the fact that Sic Bo is common in Asia, specifically in Macau casinos. There this game is also called Dai Siu. Thanks to the release from Evolution Gaming, all online casino players now have the opportunity to try this unique game.

Sic Bo

How is Super Sic Bo from Evolution different from the traditional version?

Evolution offers a rather unusual variation of the game - Super Sic Bo, in which additional multipliers are applied in addition to the usual ones. It should be understood that these additional multipliers do not come out of nowhere. They are achieved by reducing the payouts on the main bets.

For example, in the regular variant, the payout for betting on 5 and 16 is 30:1, while in Super Sic Bo it's only 20:1. On the other hand, when an extra multiplier hits, the player in Super Sic Bo has the possibility of a 999:1 payout, whereas in regular Sic Bo it will always be limited to 180:1.

Players should keep this in mind when developing a Super Sic Bo strategy.

Basic tips for playing Super Sic Bo

Before using a Sic Bo strategy, you need to understand the basic principles of the game.

  • Avoid betting on too many sectors. The table for Sic Bo includes many areas available for betting. However, you will inevitably lose some of your bankroll with each round by closing too many bets. Also, the casino advantage may be too great for some bets, so it is better not to make them at all.
  • Bet on Big or Small sectors. Betting on Big or Small provides some of the best odds for a player in Super Sic Bo. Although the payout is only 1:1, they should be used as part of a Super Sic Bo strategy to increase overall odds.
  • Avoid Player Error. Casino players often have the feeling that there is some sort of correlation between the results of different rounds. For example, they may think that after they hit Big several times in a row, they are bound to hit Small. This is not the case. The result of each new round is completely random and does not depend on what happened before. A successful player must avoid the most common mistakes made by beginners.

Super Sic Bo low risk strategy for beginners

Sic Bo is primarily a game of chance, so all results will depend mostly on luck. However, players can increase their chances of success by playing with the optimal stakes described in the strategies below.

If you are still learning to play Sic Bo, stick to low stakes and limited-risk strategies. You will be surprised, but these strategies give the player the most significant advantage!

Even money bets - Small/Big and Odd/Even - give a 48.61% chance of winning and pay 1:1. Amounts of 3 and 18 do not count as winnings, so the casino can keep the advantage over the player.

Super Sic Bo

The stated return to player (RTP) for Super Sic Bo is 97.22%. This value is based on equal money bets. For all other bets, the RTP will be lower. For example, for a particular triplet, the RTP is only 69.91%. Fortunately, Super Sic Bo offers additional multipliers that can help the player even out the odds in the short term.

A medium-risk strategy for the advanced

A high RTP does not always imply big winnings. After all, the best you can expect with Small/Big bets is to double up. Many players want to win more, and that is possible with increased risk. For example, you can use combo bets.

Here are just a few examples of bets you can make according to the medium risk Sic Bo strategy:

  • Bet $3 on 9 and $2 on doubles of 1, 5 and 6. You can change the size of the bet in proportion to your bankroll;
  • Bet $3 on $12 and $2 on doubles 1, 2, and 6;
  • Put $3 on Small/Big or Odd/Even and $1 on any three. That way, you insure a bet on any three, but you can still get a 30:1 payout if it plays;
  • Bet on any two-dice combination. Then bet on any of the dice (not the amount) that is not part of that combination.

Using the above principles, you can develop your own strategy for playing Sic Bo in a casino. Of course, the strategy does not guarantee success, but it helps you make better decisions at the table.

High-risk Super Sic Bo strategy for big multipliers

The Evolution game is most attractive because of the extra multipliers that can bring huge payouts. These can be achieved with a high-risk strategy. Unfortunately, not all bets apply to such multipliers. For example, Small/Big and Odd/Even cannot have an extra multiplier.

Here's how the extra multipliers work:

  • The 3-dice value is up to 499:1 for 4 or 17;
  • The value of one dice - up to 87:1 for three of the same dice;
  • Any two, up to 87:1;
  • Any 3 - up to 87:1;
  • A specific three, up to 999:1;
  • Combination of two dice, up to 24:1.

Accordingly, if you're interested in maximum multipliers, bet on specific threes. However, a specific three rolls only 0.46% of the time, and the RTP without a multiplier for it is only 69.91%. Therefore, the risky player may also consider betting on amounts of 4 or 17 and 5 or 16, as they are the next best in terms of potential multipliers.

Even in the pursuit of multipliers, you can still bet on Small/Big and Odd/Even. While these bets don't bring in additional multipliers on their own, they can offset losses from other less likely bets, such as a certain three.

Which strategy works best?

It all comes down to what you ultimately want out of the game. If your goal is to have a good time and increase your bankroll with relatively low risk, feel free to bet on even money. If you expect a big win and are willing to take a risk for it, bet on the sectors with the highest potential multipliers.

You can also use additional systems. As an example, consider the Martingale strategy for Sic Bo. Following this system, you bet equal money and double your bet when you lose. That way, from the first win you get back all of your previously invested money plus one initial bet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the odds of winning at Super Sic Bo?
The stated return to player (RTP) in Super Sic Bo is 97.22%. This value is only valid for equal money bets - Small/Big and Odd/Even. For all other bets, the RTP is lower, up to 58.33% for amounts of 5 and 16.

Can the strategy Super Sic Bo eliminate the advantage of the casino?
It is not possible to completely eliminate the casino's advantage, regardless of the chosen Super Sic Bo strategy. However, the strategy can tell you the best actions to take to increase your chances of winning.

Is Super Sic Bo worth playing?

Super Sic Bo attracts huge multipliers. If you want to try your luck in hopes of getting a 999:1 payout, welcome to the Super Sic Bo table! For those who are less interested in the extra multipliers and prefer a more measured game, the regular Sic Bo variation is more suitable, as it offers higher base payouts for some bet types.

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