Paul Pierce, an NBA legend, is being sued for a large poker debt
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Paul Pierce, an NBA legend, is being sued for a large poker debt

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Paul Pierce, nicknamed "The Truth," is being sued for $180,000, which he allegedly lost playing high-stakes poker games. The case was brought by Stephen Carmona, who alleges Pierce borrowed the massive cash from him but never paid it back.

Pierce takes out a $180,000 loan to play high-stakes poker

Paul Pierce
Paul Pierce

Pierce, according to Carmona, visited him in January while he was holding a poker game. The former NBA star requested a $150,000 loan and pledged to repay it within a week. He took part in the game and lost $140,000, instantly repaying $10,000 to Carmona. The following week, though, Carmona hosted another poker session at his home. Despite the fact that Pierce had not paid his earlier obligation, Carmona extended another loan of $40,000 to him. That amount was also lost by the Truth. Carmona claims that he repeatedly urged Pierce to repay him, but that the former Boston Celtics player never did. Carmona has filed a lawsuit against the basketball player for a debt of $180,000 with interest. So far, Pierce has remained silent in response to the charges.

Opinions on the Poker Debt are divided

The matter has sparked a lot of discussion on Twitter. Fans of Pierce are wondering why a player who earned $198 million in 19 seasons in the NBA needs to seek for money, and many are skeptical of Stephen Carmona's assertions. It's also worth noting that in 2021, the former NBA star had a net worth of $70 million. Others believe the retired basketball player is definitely broke, pointing out that he's been spotted on camera playing poker, smoking cigars, and frolicking with strippers in the past. He's also competed in the World Series of Poker, indicating that he's a serious poker player.

Another lawsuit has been filed

Pierce has gotten himself into a lot of problems in the past. He has been sued a few times in the last few years. During a Conor McGregor vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov bout in 2018, he was accused of calling a guard "racist," according to a lawsuit. He was sued in 2020 for refusing to pay an employee who was in charge of establishing and operating his marijuana grow house, and he was also sued in May of this year for allegedly engaging in a cryptocurrency "pump and dump" operation.

According to Yaffe-article Bellany's detailing the seedy underbelly of crypto and NFT endorsement in sporting circles, Pierce, who had previously endorsed a lesser-known form of cryptocurrency called "EthereumMax," is now embroiled in a lawsuit regarding his activities tied to that form of "crypto" (as it is often called for short), Pierce is now embroiled in a lawsuit regarding his activities tied to that form of "crypto" .

The term "pump and dump" refers to a method in which token investors raise awareness of their product in order to increase its value. When the token's value reaches its high, investors sell their tokens, driving the price down and leaving new investors in the dust. The Celtics player was just one of many prominent names referenced in this post, which also included Logan Paul, an influencer, and Matt Damon, an actor.



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