Mike McDonald $200,000 free throw bet
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Mike McDonald $200,000 free throw bet

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Can poker player Mike McDonald (the 30-year-old has more than $13 million in live tournament cashes) soon replace Steph Curry (90.56% from the free-throw line, all time NBA free-trow % table) on the Golden State Warriors? Probably not, but if he is to win a crazy prop bet he has recently accepted, by the end of the year he will need to learn how to shoot like the NBA super star.

Mike McDonald

McDonald will perform 90 out of 100 free-throws but has an infinite number of tries to meet the target by the end of the year. Therefore, he would probably spend his days doing nothing but shooting free-throws before he eventually reaches 90 out of 100 attempts.

Live stream here: mikemcdonaldpoker

Mike Timex McDonald has won his insane basketball free throw prop bet.


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