Mike Matusow $783,000 debt
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Mike Matusow $783,000 debt

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Mike "The Mouth" Matusow is one of poker's most controversial figures. Some find his outbursts, antics, and frequent talking at the tables amusing, while others find it incredibly bothersome.

But, whether you like him or despise him, Matusow is one-of-a-kind.

Mike has established quite a poker career over the years, becoming fairly well-known during the boom. He was regularly asked to numerous poker events since his presence at the tables always added a unique twist to the game.

Matusow's life has been a continual struggle, despite his success on the felt.

He's struggled with drugs and health concerns, and he's even served time on cocaine distribution charges. Mike's time in county jail has had a significant impact on his future, despite the fact that he was only there for six months.

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