Legendary gamblers: Amarillo Slim
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Legendary gamblers: Amarillo Slim

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Anything To Win: Amarillo Slim - The Ultimate Gambler (2006 GSN documentary). Thomas Austin Preston Jr. (December 31, 1928 – April 29, 2012), known as Amarillo Slim, was a professional American gambler known for his poker skills and proposition bets. Preston won the 1972 Main Event of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) and in 1992 was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame.

Legendary gamblers have always held a certain mystique, from the high-stakes action they were involved in to the thrill of winning big. One such gambler who personified this mystique was Amarillo Slim, a legendary figure in the world of poker who earned a reputation for his charismatic personality and daring style of play.

In this article, we'll delve into the life of Amarillo Slim, his accomplishments, and the legacy he left behind.

Who was Amarillo Slim?

Amarillo Slim was born Thomas Austin Preston Jr. in Johnson, Arkansas, in 1928. He grew up in Texas, where he began his gambling career as a teenager, playing pool and betting on horses.

Slim was known for his outgoing personality and his penchant for taking risks. He was often seen wearing flashy clothes and driving around in expensive cars, both of which were a testament to his success as a gambler.

Slim was a true pioneer of poker, helping to bring the game into the mainstream in the 1970s. He was a regular player in the World Series of Poker (WSOP), and his success at the event helped to elevate the game's status.

Slim was also a prolific author, publishing several books on poker and gambling throughout his life. These books served as a valuable resource for new and experienced players alike, and helped to further cement his status as a legend in the gambling world.

Amarillo Slim's accomplishments

Amarillo Slim was a true icon in the world of gambling, with a number of impressive accomplishments to his name. Perhaps his most notable achievement was his victory in the 1972 World Series of Poker Main Event, which earned him the title of world champion.

Slim was also a successful gambler in his own right, winning millions of dollars over the course of his career. He was known for his ability to read his opponents and his willingness to take big risks, which often paid off handsomely.

But Slim's impact on the world of gambling went beyond his own successes. He was instrumental in popularizing the game of poker, which was once considered a niche hobby. His books, appearances on television shows, and larger-than-life personality helped to bring the game to a wider audience.

Amarillo Slim's prop bets

In addition to his accomplishments in the world of poker, Amarillo Slim was also known for his famous prop bets. These bets were often outrageous and seemingly impossible, but Slim's confidence in his own abilities allowed him to pull them off.

One of Slim's most famous bets took place in the late 1970s, when he bet fellow gambler Doyle Brunson that he could hit a golf ball more than a mile. The bet was for $200,000, and Brunson accepted, thinking it was an easy win.

But Slim had a trick up his sleeve. He had a custom-made golf club with a longer shaft than usual, which allowed him to hit the ball farther. On the day of the bet, Slim took his shot and the ball traveled over a mile, winning him the bet and cementing his status as a legend in the gambling world.

Another famous bet that Slim made was with tennis player Bobby Riggs. Riggs bet Slim that he could beat him in a game of ping-pong using a skillet instead of a paddle. Slim accepted the bet, and the game was played in front of a large crowd.

Despite never having played ping-pong with a skillet before, Slim won the bet, beating Riggs in straight sets. The bet was for $10,000, and Slim walked away with a tidy profit.

Slim's ability to make these seemingly impossible bets and come out on top was a testament to his confidence and skill as a gambler. He was always willing to take risks, and his success in these bets helped to further cement his status as a legend in the gambling world.

Amarillo Slim's legacy

Amarillo Slim passed away in 2012 at the age of 83, but his legacy lives on. He is still regarded as one of the greatest gamblers of all time, and his contributions to the world of poker cannot be overstated.

Slim's impact on the game can be seen in the millions of people who play poker today, both professionally and recreationally. His books, which are still widely read and respected, continue to serve as a valuable resource for aspiring players.

But perhaps Slim's greatest legacy is the sense of excitement and possibility that he brought to the world of gambling. His larger-than-life personality and daring style of play inspired a generation of gamblers, and his impact on the game will be felt for generations to come.

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Q: Was Amarillo Slim ever involved in any controversies?

A: Yes, Amarillo Slim was involved in a few controversies throughout his life. In 2003, he was accused of sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl, but the charges were eventually dropped. He was also sued by another gambler for defamation in the 1980s.

Q: Did Amarillo Slim ever have any business ventures outside of gambling?

Yes, Amarillo Slim was involved in a number of business ventures throughout his life. He owned several car dealerships, and was also a part-owner of a casino in Las Vegas.

Q: What was Amarillo Slim's style of play?

A: Amarillo Slim was known for his daring style of play, which often involved taking big risks and making bold moves. He was also known for his ability to read his opponents and his willingness to bluff when necessary. His style of play was both entertaining and effective, earning him a reputation as one of the most skilled gamblers in the world.

Q: Did Amarillo Slim ever teach poker?

A: Yes, Amarillo Slim was known for teaching poker to new players. He believed that the best way to learn the game was to play it

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