Is Pragmatic Play responsible for stealing 6.4 millions?
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Is Pragmatic Play responsible for stealing 6.4 millions?

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In 2008, the online gambling industry was introduced to a developer called Top Game. The company quickly gained popularity for its innovative slots and progressive jackpots, attracting players from all over the world. However, in 2009, one of their licensed casinos, Rome Casino, became the center of a huge scandal.

Top Game

Players at Rome Casino were unable to win progressive jackpots and slots due to a bug in Top Game's games. In particular, two of their most popular slots, Diablos 14 Wild 7s and Dugies Delight, had no wilds on reels 1 and 5. Top Game acknowledged the issue and attributed it to an error. While they compensated players for their losses, the incident raised concerns about Top Game's testing and quality control procedures.

Furthermore, casino listings reported that nobody won progressive jackpots on Top Game's slots for five years, despite millions of dollars being accumulated in the prize pool. After rebranding as Pragmatic Play in 2015, the company kept the money, leaving players outraged that their funds had been used to feed the progressive jackpot rather than being returned as winnings.

Top Game also whitelisted certain casinos, many of which had a reputation for slow withdrawals and difficulty processing payouts. Reports from players revealed that some had trouble receiving their winnings altogether. Many of these casinos, such as Royal Kings and Rich Casino, still operate to this day and offer Top Game's slots.

Octopus Gaming

In 2015, Top Game was renamed Octopus Gaming, and its games remained the same. The only change was the name, raising suspicions that Pragmatic Play is simply a reincarnation of Top Game. Pragmatic Play denies any connection to Top Game, but evidence suggests otherwise.

Pragmatic Play has gone to great lengths to distance itself from Top Game, threatening forums and websites that disclose information about the two companies' relationship. The company has even requested that forum owners publish statements contradicting any assertion of a connection between the two companies. Posts about the relationship between Pragmatic Play and Top Game are often deleted, and legal action has been taken to erase any trace of the connection.

Moreover, information about David Berzelai, the owner of both Top Game and Pragmatic Play, being connected to Top Game has been deleted from the internet without a trace. Searching for "David Berzelai and Top Game" only yields strange and nonsensical articles denying any evidence of wrongdoing.

The reputation of Pragmatic Play has been impacted by these suspicions, with players questioning the legitimacy of the company's games and practices. Recent suspicions of exaggerating winning potential in their games and involvement with fake streamers have only added to the skepticism.

In conclusion, Pragmatic Play has a questionable history, being connected to the shady Top Game company that was involved in a huge scandal in 2009. While the company denies any connection, evidence suggests otherwise. The company has also faced recent suspicions of exaggerating winning potential in their games and being involved with fake streamers. These suspicions have impacted the reputation of the company within the online gambling community. Players must exercise caution and do their research before playing at any casino or with any game provider.

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Q: Is Pragmatic Play responsible for stealing 6.4 million dollars in progressive jackpot money?

A: While there is no concrete evidence that Pragmatic Play intentionally stole the 6.4 million dollars in progressive jackpot money, there are suspicions that the company may have taken advantage of the situation. Pragmatic Play was previously known as Top Game, which released games with a bug that prevented players from winning progressive jackpots and slots. Top Game acknowledged the problem and compensated the players affected. However, according to casino listings, nobody could win the progressive jackpots on Top Game slots for five straight years, and the jackpots accumulated to around 6.4 million dollars. After Top Game was rebranded as Pragmatic Play, the company kept the money. This has led to speculation that Pragmatic Play may have intentionally released games with a bug to prevent players from winning the progressive jackpots and to accumulate the money for themselves.

Q: Is there any evidence that Pragmatic Play and Top Game are related?

A: While Pragmatic Play denies any connections to Top Game, there are strong indications that the two companies are related. The games released by Octopus Gaming, which was previously known as Top Game, are virtually identical to the games released by Pragmatic Play. In addition, the owner of Pragmatic Play, David Berzelai, was also involved with Top Game, but any information connecting him to Top Game has been almost entirely deleted from the internet without a trace.

Q: Has Pragmatic Play been involved with fake streamers?

A: There have been suspicions that Pragmatic Play has been involved with fake streamers who promote the company's games. However, there is no concrete evidence of any wrongdoing, and Pragmatic Play has denied any involvement with fake streamers.

Q: How has Pragmatic Play's reputation been impacted by these suspicions?

A: These suspicions have definitely impacted Pragmatic Play's reputation within the online gambling community. While there is no concrete evidence of any wrongdoing, the company's questionable history and suspected connections to Top Game have led to doubts about the company's trustworthiness. It is important for players to do their own research and make informed decisions when choosing which online casinos and game providers to use.

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