How to check actual Play'n GO slots RTP?
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How to check actual Play'n GO slots RTP?

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You can always find slot rtp on the Internet just by googling it, but in our days providers allow casino owners to tune slot rtp, so actual slot rtp in different casinos can differ drastically. Sometimes it can be tuned by 10-15%.

We will use google chrome to check Play'n GO rtp:

google inspector 1
  1. Go to your favourite licenced casino(we will use bitstarz and caxino casinos to check Play'n GO slot rtp)
  2. Pres F12 to open chrome developer tools
  3. Open your favourite Play'n GO slot and wait until it is fully loaded
  4. Go to network tab
  5. In filter field type:
  6. In the "Name" section search for something like few characters before “.” will be different for each casino). Click on it. 
  7. Click on preview tab. There will be few items, click on every one of them and find something like that:

Here are few examples:

google inspector 2
google inspector caxino
google inspector caxino 2


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