Guinness World Records for gambling
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Guinness World Records for gambling

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Record payouts attract the most attention. Thanks to luck, the lucky ones not only changed their lives, but also engraved their name in the history of gambling.

Slot machine

The Mega Moolah slot from Microgaming has set several records at once. The first was recorded on October 6, 2015. Then the resident of Great Britain John Haywood won a jackpot of € 17,879,645 million on the BetWay website. In the Guinness Book of Records, this is the largest payout in slot machines online.

Largest jackpot payout in an online slot machine game

That’ll be the $39,713,982 won by a 25-year-old software engineer from Los Angeles. He put $100 into a Megabucks slot machine at the Excalibur Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas.

Excalibur Hotel-Casino


Christina worked as a cleaner in Berlin at the age of 36 until she received € 90 million in the EuroJackpot from Lottoland. The probability of winning is approximately 1 in 95 344 200.


In Macau, on March 3, 2015, several hundred players gathered at the Sands Cotai Central Hotel. Participants competed for a prize fund of 119 million Hong Kong dollars - $ 15 million. The first place was taken by Lin Haisan. The winner took HK $ 100 million.


British resident Christine Bradfield January 27, 2008 became richer by 1.1 million pounds. She received a record amount of money in the National Bingo Game at the Castle Leisure Club.

World Series of Poker

Antonio Esfandiari one drop

Every year professional players take part in one of the most prestigious tournaments - WSOP. The "Unofficial World Championship" of poker takes place at the Rio Casino, Las Vegas. In 2012, the largest prize for the first place was recorded here - $ 18,346,673. This was made possible by a record buy-in of $ 1 million. The victory went to Antonio Esfandiari, an American of Iranian origin.

The majority of slot machines are playing the same game at the same time.

Mohegan Sun in Montville

According to online casino news, 1,610 slot machines were simultaneously playing the same game. Powered by Bally Technologies on April 27, 2013 at the Mohegan Sun in Montville, Connecticut, USA.

The World's Biggest Casino

Venetian Macau

The Venetian Macau's 51,100 m2 casino area, which debuted on August 27, 2007. The Las Vegas Sands Corporation owns this casino-hotel complex. Over 3,400 slot machines and 870 gaming tables can be found here. The Venetian Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas is the world's second largest casino. The same corporation owns both.

Most players in an internet poker room

According to online poker news, the total number of players online is 307,016. On September 6, 2009, they were playing at 42,814 virtual tables at

Largest roulette in the world record

Largest roulette

This massive roulette wheel measures 8.75 m2 in diameter. You can find it at Casino Du Liban in Lebanon. The roulette wheel is on the dome ceiling of the casino and has an electronic control.

The "internal currency" of the casino can be used not only for bets. There are amateurs in the world who find unusual uses for chips.

The largest chips collection

Gregg Fisher is a member of the Casino Chip and Gaming Token Collectors Club. He collects $ 1 chips. Representatives of the Guinness Book recorded a record on October 4, 2020 - the collection of the American included 818 items.

The largest mosaic

Players usually stack their chips in stacks. Participants of the Sedgwicksphere exhibition on September 12, 2017 found another use for them - they laid out a mosaic with an area of 104.61 square meters. To achieve the goal, it was necessary to spend 70 644 blue, black and yellow casino chips. After 3 hours and 21 minutes, visitors to the exhibition were able to admire the image of a light bulb of record sizes.

Most expensive chip

Most expensive casino chip

For the convenience of players, the casino provides different denominations - from 1 dollar to several thousand. Regular chips do not carry value outside the establishment, as they are made of plastic or other inexpensive materials. Canadian jeweler Gerald Levy decided to give them value.

The gold chip with inlaid precious stones was included in the Guinness Book on May 30, 2013. It was estimated at $ 450 thousand.

The Guinness Book is always open to interesting ideas. In 2021, the page with the largest casino chip sculpture is still empty. New categories appear periodically.

Most casino visits

Not all gamblers like to talk about how often they bet. This does not apply to next record holder Edwin Wheeler. The American visited 358 different casinos between 1995 and 2002. He looked into some of them twice, so in total he sat down at the dealer's table 372 times.

A couple of gambling enthusiasts set another record. From October 19 to October 20, 2017, Kimo Ah Yoon and Gary Meyer visited 74 Las Vegas casinos in 24 hours. Two Americans managed to improve their previous result. In 2015, they played 69 casinos in 24 hours.

Oldest dealer

It is impossible to make big bets and not like the casino. Joanna Dodd is more passionate about gambling than any high roller. She was born on January 15, 1936. She has been working as a dealer for most of her life at Flamingo Casino, Las Vegas. She became the oldest dealer, reaching the age of 79 years and 36 days. The record was recorded on February 20, 2015.

Meeting of the lucky ones

The UK National Lottery organized a winners' meeting. In one place, the concentration of luck began to go off scale when 110 people gathered, who won over $ 1 million. The meeting took place in London on October 7, 2015. By this time, 4,000 people had become millionaires through the lottery.

Most money lost by a nation to gambling per capita

The country that loses the most money per adult, on average is Australia. During 2010, the average Australian, aged 17 or over, lost US$ 1,199. Approximately 70% of Australians participate in some form of gambling. Their total annual gambling losses are somewhere around US$19 billion.

You can check lottery results on lottery tracker page.

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