Gambling trend for 2023 - crash gaming. Crash game types
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Gambling trend for 2023 - crash gaming. Crash game types

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We are currently in the scope of the crash-games. Their guiding philosophy is straightforward. The user places a wager, and the odds begin to grow shortly after the wager is placed. When the round will end is unknown. If the player can terminate the bet before that point, he wins; otherwise, he loses. The longer you wait, the greater the danger, but the greater the potential reward.

crash graph

The graph's line illustrates how the probabilities will vary over time. The game may crash at any time after it begins. As a result, you must cash out before that happens or the wager will be forfeited.


Consider the following attraction factors for the player:

  • A sense of belonging. A large number of participants are participating in one round at the same time.
  • The "nearly won" principle. Players gain control since they decide when to close the bet.
  • Ease of use. Fascinating mechanics that are basic and solely focused on the gameplay, rather than the visual and acoustic aids.
  • RTP can be pretty high. The RTP in crash games varies from game to game and can range from 96% to 99%. As a result, some of the crash games appear to be the most profitable games to play at casino sites. However, because you are continuously cashing out before the multiplier crashes, it is difficult to play with the game's maximum RTP.

The casino routinely promotes crash-games - on the home page, the games are highlighted in the site's header, attracting further attention from players. Furthermore, winning theories and approaches have overtaken the sports. Several sources provide their own distinct winning tactics, which serves as another incentive for individuals to join.

Today's top crash game types

Aviator, LuckyJet and JetX are the absolute favorites of the crush game industry.

Let's talk a little bit more about Aviator:


A little plane is at the heart of the story. More specifically, such a plot does not exist. The player takes on the role of an air traffic controller, monitoring the attempts of a virtual pilot to take to the skies through radar. The mechanics contain no bonuses, boosters, or jokers. The user is not required to participate in any additional rounds.

Everything in Aviator is not totally obvious. Yes, the luck aspect is dominant, but not in all circumstances. The service provides a statistics block. The user will get information on all previous rounds during the last few hours in this section. Mathematical calculations and analytics will aid in predicting when the next time multiplier of x50, x100, or even x200 will be released.

JetX is another popular crash game. It draws attention with an intriguing format and simple gameplay. JetX does not require you to know the rules, employ winning techniques, or follow intricate calculations.

The game is designed in a vintage manner. The screen depicts the airfield from where the plane takes off, as well as the plane steadily gaining height. The game's design is reminiscent of vintage eight-bit games from the 1990s.

In the instance of Aviator, the plane flies away, however in JetX, the plane explodes.

Following that, I'll tell you about Lucky Jet, a rapidly growing online game. Lucky Jet has grown to be a popular online casino. Every day, more players learn about Lucky Joe and his backpack. Why are more and more people choosing Lucky Jet?

Lucky Jet

Favorite game often remains a favorite, but there are times when the interface of online games becomes "boring" and even bothersome.

Lucky Jet is solely concerned with this case. This is the same Aviator or JetX as before, but with a redesigned user interface. You follow Lucky Joe with his knapsack instead of a plane. And the rules of the game remain the same: gamble and withdraw before Lucky Joe takes off.

A comparison of the top crash games

I'll share a couple more crash game types with you (which, although not as popular as the above, but also in high demand).



The game is developed by Pragmatic Play Studios - without exaggeration, one of the biggest players in the online gambling industry, whose reliability is unquestionable. Pragmatic Play have used all of their resources and expertise to create an extremely colorful game that is as enjoyable to play as the slots from this studio.


A game in which the player must maintain track of the ever-increasing odds and the flight of a blimp that could explode at any time. The in-game chat, the round fairness check, and the high-quality interface are all appealing features of the game Zeppelin.

F777 Fighter

F777 Fighter

A game similar to JetX, but with one difference. The bet in this game is on when the fighter plane crashes. Obviously, this is a high-risk wager, but if you win, the return can be enormous. This is without a doubt one of the most original and entertaining crash games.



In this game, you must predict when a chart simulating the movement of a bitcoin asset will fall. Players just place a wager and wait for the chart to proceed until they opt to withdraw. If a player withdraws their deposit prior to the "market crash," their bet is multiplied by the multiplier that was on the chart at the time the deposit was removed.

This is roobet crash variant.



A game in which you must gamble on the value of virtual currency in the same way that you would bet on the stock market. The value of the virtual currency fluctuates regularly, and users can cash out at any time if they believe it will collapse. However, if you wait too long, the value of your investment may plummet before you can cash out.

Many online crypto casinos provide the Bitcoin Crash game. Because of its simplicity, the game is attracting a large number of players all around the world. Before the game begins, players must deposit funds and put wagers, and then keep an eye on the multiplier before it all comes crashing down. If the player does not cash out before the crash, they will lose their entire investment. However, there are various tactics you can employ in order to win this game.

Crash games strategy

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