Gambler from Las Vegas interview
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Gambler from Las Vegas interview

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Interview and portrait of Don, a gambler from Las Vegas, Nevada. Don shares his life experiences. Don was born in Hortonville, Wisconsin, in 1949, and spent the first five years of his life in a closet in the farmhouse. His mother's husband was imprisoned for raping two of his brothers, and after beating him, he died in bed. Don's dad quickly got out of the service and took him away from his grandmother. The grandmother died of a broken heart a month later. When Don asked why he was kept in the closet, he was told it was to keep him a secret from Junior Carpenter, the farmer who would have killed his dad if he had known that Don was born while he was in prison. Don's dad took him to Clark Street, then to a two-story house on Charlotte Street, where the nightmare started. His father beat and raped his mother, and Don, who was 15 years old, fought back. He worked for the Taylor shop and made his first go-kart at age 11. At 15, he went to a reformatory, and after his release, he worked in various vocational schools. His dad poisoned his family, but Don didn't get sick, and he is now the oldest Castilian alive at 71 years old. Despite the hardships he faced, Don remained a free spirit, like the "big-mouthed" woman named Rocky, who he met in Maryland and was the freest person he ever met, besides himself.

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