Fake real money casino streamers
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Fake real money casino streamers

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Real money casinos have been experiencing a growing problem with scheme streamers. The issue consists of different parts, with the first being that streamers do not disclose their special terms of affiliation with a casino. The second issue is that players who watch these paid streamers think that it is a normal way of playing. The third issue is that if this problem continues, the government will get involved, and everyone will be impacted. In this article, we'll explore the scheme streamer problem and provide some solutions.

The problem

The scheme streamer problem is complicated, with various parts that make it challenging to resolve. The first problem is that streamers don't disclose their special terms of being affiliated with a casino. This lack of transparency can lead to distrust between players and casinos. The second issue is that players watch those paid streamers and think that it's a normal way of playing. This can cause players to gamble more than they can afford, leading to gambling addiction. The third issue is that if this continues, the government will get involved, and then we're all pretty much screwed.

Streamers' fees and performance

It was always interesting for me how big streamers can put so much money on the line each stream. If I had even half of that, I would be set up for life. You can find those crazy big wins on their streams every day, and most of them are reacting in a way that is quite honestly not really believable to say the least.

This post talks about those game providers encouraging shady casino streamers who don't disclose their affiliate relation to those brands. Basically, they talk a lot about the situation with Pragmatic Play, who got themselves a partnership with a certain streamer. I won't be talking about anybody specifically in this video, but there are a lot of stories like that.

How streamers make money

Streamers who are paid an undisclosed salary by third-party sponsors are a real danger for anyone who just wants to watch some slots. They show that it's okay to play with crazy big bets, and people with gambling addiction might follow their favorite streamers. It's still not clear if their huge wins aren't just rigged from the start. That's a problem. We have no idea how our favorite streamer is making money. Everything they show might be fake.

Verified streamers

Some guys in the comments on big win boards proposed that big win boards themselves should make a list of verified streamers who could get a badge or a logo on the side. But what did big win board say to this? Basically, they're afraid to certify streamers. It's a minefield from their point of view. It's a big responsibility. They don't want to lose all credibility if one of the streamers they verified starts doing shady things all of a sudden.


Various countries are treated differently, like the UK slowly enacting restrictions to regulate the real money casino industry and help combat this. Among the latest, it was proposed to ban features like auto spins or reduce bonuses for players. Funny thing is they turned people to shady casinos instead. What about outside the UK? Do they have any regulations like that in Europe? Nope, it's the Wild West in terms of streaming.

Ongoing controversy

If you're a fan of casino streams, you've probably heard of the ongoing controversy surrounding fake streamers. In a recent video, Rocket Heckery, a casino streamer who only plays with real money, discussed the issue of fake streamers and their affiliation with casinos. Although it's no secret that some streamers use fake money, it's surprising that people still watch them. So, why is this the case? Let's take a closer look.

To prove his point, Rocket Heckery presented a few examples of fake streamers. One of them, Rostain, switched from real to free play, but the money on the balance remained the same. When he was caught, he made an excuse, saying that it was a bug with the site. Another fake streamer, Casino Robot, was caught because he was using a test account that the casino provided him with fake money. Leo Vegas apologized for this and implemented new guidelines for their streamers.

Another popular streamer, Let's Give It a Spin, continued his partnership with Leo Vegas, despite the controversy. This raises the question: should we boycott companies that work with fake streamers?

One of the most popular fake streamers, Exposed, is a great actor. Initially, people liked his reactions, but it was later discovered that he played exclusively on Roubad and his main goal was to get people to sign up through his affiliate link. It's obvious that he was playing with sponsored money, and his viewers noticed it too.

Finally, a young streamer from Casino Grounds, Profiting, stated on stream that he was playing with fake money. He was open about his affiliate contact giving him fake money, and was later fired from Casino Grounds.

So, why do people still watch fake streamers, even though they know that the money is fake? Rocket Heckery argues that it's because these streamers are charismatic, with over-the-top reactions and jokes that captivate their audience. Gambling streams are only as good as their host, and these streamers are relatable. They create a sense of community, where people can discuss new slots, brag about their big wins, and whine about their losses. Some streamers even offer giveaways and other monetary ways to support the community.

Moreover, some people simply enjoy watching the streamers play, without thinking about the possibility of the money being fake. These tend to be amateur gamblers who don't have any suspicions about the streamers' authenticity.

Although some streamers use fake money, people still watch them because they're charismatic, relatable, and create a sense of community. The fact that the money is fake doesn't seem to bother some viewers, who simply enjoy watching the streamers play. Regardless of where you stand on this issue, it's clear that casino streaming is here to stay, and will continue to evolve and grow in popularity.

The whole market is interconnected. That's why you shouldn't think about making a quick buck and instead make sure that your ecosystem is in good shape. Not all regulations are that bad. For example, in the US, they have a good way to regulate affiliations in media by the US Federal Trade Commission 16 CFR Part 255, which is titled Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. You're required to disclose that you're making an advertisement of a certain casino.

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