China busts $250m illegal gambling junket operator
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China busts $250m illegal gambling junket operator

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Chinese officials continue to crack down on unlawful gaming. With China outlawing all kinds of gambling and prosecuting wrongdoers abroad, everything save the National Lottery is banned.

Authorities in Heilongjiang and Jilin provinces have uncovered a criminal enterprise that provided junket services and transported Chinese high rollers to Tigre de Cristal, a Russian casino resort in the country's north that is a short flight from China's northern regions.

Junkets make it possible for regular and wealthy gamblers to travel overseas and enjoy their favorite pastime without having to worry about the legality of the activity. According to the provinces' law enforcement declarations, the junket operator had a total of $250 million in activities.

Officers apprehended 142 people across 30 cities, working with cross-border counterparts to carry out the operation in as many as 12 Chinese provinces. During the inquiry, officials discovered 18 shell firms and 10 travel services, as well as underground banks, which are typically used to assist gamblers in returning their money home or getting them out of the country.

Officers confiscated 4,000 bank cards and talked with 2,963 gamblers who had utilized the junket service. The crooks concentrated on transporting gamblers across the Russian border and into Primorye, a special economic zone where Tigre de Cristal is headquartered.

Tigre de Cristal on map
Tigre de Cristal

China has launched a war in terms of gaming activities. The country has boosted its attempts to prevent gamblers from leaving the country for exotic locations, claiming people' safety as their first priority.


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