Best slot machines in Vegas
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Best slot machines in Vegas

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If you're seeking for some of the highest paying slot machines in Las Vegas, you've come to the perfect place. In fact, the Nevada Gaming Control Board estimates that there are over 160,000 slot machines in Sin City. Slots may lead to large payouts, and their no-nonsense style of play appeals to the millions of gamers who frequent them. The question, though, remains.

In Vegas, which slot machines pay the most? There are hundreds of fantastic options to choose from, and we've gone over the finest of them. As an added plus, we propose some of the casinos that are recognized for paying out the largest jackpots, so you'll always be prepared and never have to wonder where to go next to play the greatest slots in Vegas.

Where are the best slot machines in Vegas?

Las Vegas can intoxicate you with all the glitz and glamor of the area. Of all the places in Nevada dedicated to gambling, Las Vegas offers the most prolific opportunities to play slot machines. But where do you go to try your luck? Well, the easiest way to find out is to look at the numbers.

Casinos in Laughlin, Downton and the Strip may be some of the most pleasant to visit, but they also tend to get the most out of the slot machines. Your loss is the casino's gain. So your search for the best slots to play in Vegas may take you elsewhere.

Statistically, Reno seems to offer people the best opportunities to win, but then again, this isn't Las Vegas. However, there are enough venues in the city that do exactly the same thing. The Boulder Area and North Las Vegas areas have better profit margins than their counterparts in the city's fancier areas.

So, statistically, the most rewarding Vegas slots can actually be waiting for you in the areas mentioned above. There is no shortage of excellent venues to visit in either. Casinos in Boulder Area include:

  • Sam's town
  • Arizona Charlie's
  • Hard Henderson
  • Green Valley Ranch
  • M Resort
  • Eastside cannery
  • Sunset station
  • Boulder station

The slots in Boulder Area seem to be a bit more generous than their counterparts in North Las Vegas. While slot machines are often based on luck, data suggests that if you're specifically looking to improve your odds and win more, it might be better to avoid Downtown and Strip casinos in favor of North Las Vegas. Here are some North Las Vegas venues to consider:

  • Jerry's Nugget
  • Texas station
  • Aliante
  • Silver nugget
  • Fiesta Hotel and Casino

These hotels will welcome you to some of Vegas' best slot machines and offer you the general courtesy of a comfortable gaming environment to enjoy along with great food and drink.

The best slots in Vegas aren't necessarily only found in these locations, but you might find that many less flashy titles in these areas offer a decent winning opportunity. Playing the jackpot slots for example is a higher risk because you are hoping for a jackpot payout, which is not very common at first.

Best Slots to Play in Vegas by Winning Potential

Another metric to use when trying to determine the best slots in Vegas is to look at the top titles available in Las Vegas. Regardless of where exactly they are based in town, there are a few games that you will want to keep on your radar and try your hand at.

1. Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is a fantastic slot that will tempt even the biggest skeptic and has been paying out some sizeable wins since its launch in Las Vegas. The game is connected to all other instances of Mega Moolah, making it one of the best slots as it is constantly being fed by players. Getting lucky is hard, but when you do, you won't find a better paying slot than Mega Moolah! The biggest Mega Moolah jackpot ever in a single moment is $15.84 million.

2. Wheel of Fortune

 Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune Vegas Slot Machines
Another progressive slot, Wheel of Fortune, has consistently paid out jackpots. Players will discover a number of excellent features that define the gameplay, but also some multipliers to keep you going in the base game. The biggest Wheel of Fortune slot ever won comes in at $3.8 million.

3. Mega bucks

Megabucks Vegas slot machines
Megabucks Vegas slot machines

Megabucks is another great Vegas slot, and you know, it made a whopping $39 million for a player at Excalibur back in 2003. Megabucks is still one of the most played progressive jackpots on the Strip and across the city. So if you are looking for one of the potentially biggest payouts, this slot is definitely a good choice for you.

4. Diamond Queen

Diamond Queen Vegas slot machines
Diamond Queen Vegas slot machines

Diamond Queen is IGT's original and one of the best options you will have in Las Vegas. If you're looking for big wins, it has some excellent multipliers on offer on a fairly simple five by three slots grid. Free spins aren't too common here, but the potential to win big is there and you'll definitely enjoy yourself.

5. Buffalo Grand

Buffalo Grand Vegas slot machines
Buffalo Grand Vegas slot machines

Buffalo Grand is popular with gamblers in Las Vegas. It comes with 1024 payways and is considered one of the most entertaining value-added slots on the strip and in the entire city. It's a simple slot machine to get you started. You can win $650,000 playing Buffalo Grand and the machine is definitely one of the best options you have in Las Vegas.

Best Slots in Vegas: Final Words

So, which slot machines in Las Vegas pay the best? This is dependent on your requirements. A win like the Excalibur in 2003 hasn't happened since, but the facility boasts some of the highest jackpots statistically.

Many non-progressive games have high return-to-player rates, but they can't equal the life-changing sums that lucky players win from linked and progressive jackpots on a regular basis. Overall, the greatest paying Vegas slots are those that you like playing the most.

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