Absolute poker scam

Absolute poker scam

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Absolute Poker was founded in 2003 by a group of fraternity members from the University of Montana who had no prior gaming experience. They relocated the business to Costa Rica, where it could function without the need for a gaming license. KGC provided casino sites with their betting "licenses" in return for offering Internet access to Costa Rican businesses.

While other rivals left the US market after the UIGEA, Absolute Poker stayed and, despite its primitive tech, became a genuine competitor. Since Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet combined, the program was given a much-needed upgrade.

Absolute Poker users accused each other of cheating in a number of online forums in September 2007. They cited questionable findings from a single account during a game, alleging that this account was able to see other players' hole cards when they were playing. KGC launched an investigation after learning about the suspected "superuser" account in October.


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